Columbia Exclusives


fabrication of frame image
With over 134 years of experience in building frames, we understand how to optimize the strength and structural integrity of steel tubing. From the use of mandrel bending process, which achieves a bend that is superior in strength to press bends to frame design with parallel tubing and all exposed intersecting tubes contoured and hand brazed 360° create frames unmatched for strength and durability.


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Columbia frame finishes are not only attractive but are extremely durable and applied using our award winning environmentally sound processes. Highlighted by our state-of-the-art plating line, our exterior grade nickel chroming process provides a luxurious gleaming finish while recapturing and recycling all usable water and chemicals. Our Spec Flek® powder coat process FAR exceeds standard formulas with the use of epoxy resins resulting in a finish 17% thicker than others with very high mechanical properties.

Book Bag Hook

Book Bag Hook
Columbia's patented book bag hook is standard on several furniture models and optional on any of our combination units. Designed to allow book bags to hang neatly upright allowing for accessibility while keeping book bags out of aisles, eliminating potential tripping hazards.

Lift Lid Hinge

Patented Hinge
Our patented lid support allows tops to open well over 60° for easy access to books. Reinforced with an 18 gauge full width piano hinge.

Color Choices

Offering more color options than anyone else in the industry, many exclusive to Columbia. Choose from 14 standard seat and back colors plus 7 Designer Choice colors, 18 Book Box colors, 7 top colors, 8 frame finishes, 12 soft plastic colors, 12 table top colors and 9 table molding colors. Only Columbia offers you so many choices.

Armor II Whisper Glide

armor glide

Built for strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

Our exclusive tip formulation is 47% more dense than standard glide material. Combined with its unique "plow" design, it performed with significantly less floor markings in tests, at up to 5 times the cycles.

Documented results show that Columbia's new Armor II glide is 28% quieter than the industry standard nylon and steel glides.

Armor II glide recommended for VCT floor and our Armor Glide for carpeted floor.

Tested and proven to:

  • Outperforms all other glides in reducing or eliminating scratches and marring on VCT tile floors.
  • Reduce noise levels in classrooms associated with moving chairs and desks.
  • Prevent accidental removal of glide by using a high shoulder design along with case hardened steel internal gripper.
  • With a 40° swivel base, provides greater stability than standard glides at only 25°.
  • Repel wax, detergents, soil, and water because the tip incorporates special lubricant release agents.

Columbia offers a wide array of glide options for our Omnia cantilever desks and chairs. Shipped standard with our TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) glide on rear and armor glide on front. Choose options of steel, felt or TPR. Armor (nylon) glides on front and rear recommended for carpeted floors.

Book Boxes

see-thru book box

Columbia is proud to offer the largest steel book box on the market to date.  Over 200 cu. inches larger than others on the market, our deep drawn 20 ga. steel book box is offered as an open to view or a lift lid book box.  Also available in our exclusive "see-thru" design, which provides security and ease of maintenance features without compromising quality.

All of our frames and book boxes are finished with our environmentally friendly, award winning finishing processes.

Columbia's exclusive "see-thru" book box offers the largest seamless book box on the market to date. Our unique perforated design allows visibility of contents by both student and teacher. Design also allows for ease of cleaning and less maintenance.

Ganging Feature

Dura-fold Ganging
Our Dura-Fold folding chairs with their unique design offers numerous safety features built into the product including our patented integral ganging feature manufactured into our heavy duty frame.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design
Student comfort and performance is the criteria behind our ergonomically designed  polypropylene shell found on our Classic Comfort line. Our Omnia and Silhoflex lines offer the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics with seating that provide flex while encouraging good posture.