Armor II Whisper Glide

The standard glide supplied on all products is the Armor II Whisper Glides recommended for VCT and vinyl floors. See brochure for details.

Carpet Glides and Steel Glides available upon request.

Model 111

111 Sled Base Chair

Model 111 Sled Base Chair

Designed primarily for use on carpets, our sled base chair is available only in luxurious sparkling chrome. Wall saver feature allows legs to touch baseboards before chair back touches the wall.

Available in 3 different sizes 13.5" (Model 1113), 15.5" (Model 1115), 17.5" (Model 1117).

Optional glides available for 17.5" chair.

Model 112

112 - Sled Base Chair

Model 112 All Purpose Chair

The backbone of all our chairs started with our all-purpose chair designed with integral front legs and back support made from one continuous length of tubing. This basic design plus parallel tube welding creates the strong durable frame on which most of our hard plastic chairs are based. Designed with a wall-saver feature, it is available in both fixed height and adjustable legs.

Adjustable heights (model 1130) 12" - 16".

Available in 12" (Model 1122), 13.5" (Model 1123), 15.5"  (Model 1125) and 17.5" (Model 1127). 

Model 114

114 HP Superstacker Chair

Model 114 Super Stacker Chair

Our new CAD generated stacking chair is designed to optimize student comfort and maximize stackability. Laboratory tested and certified; this chair provides exceptional durability and superior comfort. Available in both fixed heights and adjustable legs; our Super Stacker can be stacked safely and features a wall saver design


 Adjustable heights (model 1140) 12" - 16" and (model 1150) 15" - 18". 


Available in 12" (Model 1142), 13.5" (Model 1143), 15.5" (Model 1145) and 17.5" (Model 1147).

Model 132

132 HP Stacker w/bookrack

Model 132 BookRack Chair

When book storage is needed, our stacking bookrack chair is the perfect choice.  Rugged, yet graceful, it is designed to provide optimum strength, posture and durability. Bookrack has heavy-duty 5/8" side rails inserted into and welded to our chair legs. 

 Available in 15 " (Model 1325) and 17 " (Model 1327).

Model 133

133 HP Chair With Bookbasket

Model 133 Bookbasket Chair

Need ample book storage with deep sides to prevent books from sliding out?  Our bookbasket chair is the answer.  Featuring our basic chair frame made from one continuous length of tubing with a large, sturdy bookbasket of " steel rod welded to the frame prior to painting or plating.

Available in 13 1/2" (Model 1333), 15 1/2" (Model 1335), and 17 1/2" (Model 1337).

Model 139

139 HP Booksaver Chair

Model 139 Bookrack Chair

Our popular stacking bookrack chair with the added booksaver feature prevents books from sliding out.  Its unique design discourages use as a footrest and is formed with heavy-duty 5/8" steel tubing.

Available in 15 1/2" (Model 1395) and 17 1/2" (Model 1397).

Model 152

152 HP X Brace Chair

152 Stretcher Chair

For decades, Columbia's "X" brace stacking chair has satisfied demands for dependability and student comfort.  Our parallel tube design is created specifically for melamine seats and backs. 

Adjustable heights (model 1530) 12"-16"

Available in 12 " (Model 1522), 13 " (Model 1523), 15 " (Model 1525), 17 " (Model 1527).

Model 162

162 HP Cafeteria Chair

Model 162 Cafeteria Chair

Maximize comfort and function while minimizing space with Columbia's Cafeteria chair.  This model features a back height below table level to prevent upsetting food trays while featuring a compact rear leg design for maximum space utilization.

Available in 15 1/2" (Model 1625) and 17 1/2" (Model 1627).

Model 1167

Model 1167 Book Bag Chair 

New CAD generated book bag chair designed to optimize floor space and reduce tripping hazards with ample storage space of book bags in the spacious basket under the chair.

Available in 17 1/2" height.

Model 1300

Model 1300 Computer Chair

Our model 1300 with melamine hard plastic seat and back delivers quick, convenient pneumatic seat height adjustment from 15" to 20".

Model 2220

222 Computer Chair

Model 2220 Computer Chair

Designed for comfort and flexibility, our backrest pivots 24 degrees mounted to adjustable tilt back support for optimum comfort and support.  Rugged 5 star base includes twin wheel casters with self-locking brakes for added safety. Adjustable from 15" to 20" heights.

Available without arms (2210).

Model 2320

Model 2320 Lab Stool 

Columbia's lab stool is designed to offer flexibility without compromising durability and dependability.  Our backrest adjusts in or out 2" for superior comfort.  Pneumatic lift cylinder adjusts seat height from 20" - 30" and our adjustable 18" chromed foot ring adds 360 of support.

Available without arms (2310).

Model 2527

Model 2527 "X" Brace Chair

Our mobile classic "X" brace style chair has offered years of proven performance featuring our rugged 1" frame and steel ball bearing swivel casters.  Hard plastic seats and backs resist marring and staining.

Available in 17 1/2" height.