Celebrating 1,460 Days of Safe Work Habits

Celebrating 1460 Days of Safe Work Habits

On August 31, 2016 Columbia Mfg. Inc. celebrated 1,460 days of operations with "NO LOST TIME ACCIDENT." Previous record was set in 2009 that lasted 1,332 days. Columbia celebrated the occasion with a pizza party for all employees and presented them with a shirt for this outstanding record breaking performance. 

Picture shows Ken Howard, CEO and chairman of the board of Columbia congratulating and thanking the men and women of Columbia for their safe and quality work habits, especially during summer months when most of production and shipments for the year are made. Columbia Mfg. Inc. has been in business since 1877 and has been based in Westfield since early 1900's. Columbia is the first manufacturer of bicycles in America and producer of finest school furniture in the country.